hhc Global Helpline

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A human health care company
capable of making a meaningful contribution under any healthcare system
while observing the highest legal and ethical standards in its business activities

Please use the hhc Global Helpline for consulting and reporting issues related to compliance. However, if you contact us to consult or make a report regarding the following purposes or content, please note that we may respond by informing you that we cannot be of assistance in such cases.

  • Personal legal issues or matters unrelated to operations of ENW (overseas subsidiary companies)
  • Suggestions or complaints regarding the company’s policies, etc.
  • Slander against other individuals related to the ENW
  • Matters not handled by the Compliance Department, such as personnel evaluations or salary/allowance management

Contact route:

Information may be shared as appropriate with related departments—including Global Headquarters’ Legal Affairs Department or Personnel Department, or Compliance Officers in each country—when this is deemed necessary. When it is deemed necessary to share information with Compliance Officers in each country and/or relevant departments, we will confirm with the whistleblower beforehand.


  • Whistleblowers will not be subjected to punishment or disciplinary action for reporting a compliance violation or the possibility of a compliance violation in good faith. Moreover, it is not permitted for a person to impede an investigation into a compliance violation or the possibility of a compliance violation; retaliate against the employee who reported the violation/possibility of a violation; or make a false report. These actions also comprise compliance violations, and perpetrators will be dealt with strictly, including with disciplinary action.
  • When consulting or reporting, please provide helpful concrete evidentiary materials (recordings, e-mails, documents, etc.) as far as possible if available.
  • Please note that if, after we request that you provide evidentiary materials, you become uncooperative or uncontactable and we are consequently unable to confirm necessary information, we may be unable to conduct an investigation.

*When using the hhc Global Helpline, be sure to read through the “Request for Consent Regarding the Collection and Storage of Personal Information” from Eisai Co., Ltd. (ECL), and tick the box for consent at the bottom of the screen.

Request for Consent Regarding the Collection and Storage of Personal Information

About using the hhc Global Helpline

The “hhc Global Helpline” is operated by “TSUHO Support Center Co., Ltd. (the “Center”)”.

Upon the request of ECL (the “Participating Company”), the hhc Global Helpline accepts reports about problems occurring at ECL or ENW, and then provides the service of submitting those reports to the Participating Company.

In the use, including the range of problems that are accepted, please confirm the information provided by the Participating Company.

Registration is required for using the hhc Global Helpline.

How to register

The flow of the registration is as follows.

Language Selection
Input password (company code)
Confirm Terms of Use
Registration Form
Confirm Registration
Complete Registration

After completing registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please submit your report by replying to the confirmation e-mail.

For more information, please refer to the "Operation of TSUHO Support Center“.

Operation of TSUHO Support Center

Profile of the Center

TSUHO Support Center Co., Ltd.

September 10, 2013
2 million yen
(100% subsidiary of Integrex Inc.)
7F 5-8-14 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

*For the handling of personal information by the Center, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” of TSUHO Support Center Co., Ltd.

"Privacy Policy" of the Center